Special Events

Check out the Spring 2021 schedule of special events and theme meals in the residential restaurants!

 Date Meal Period Event
JAN 19 Dinner Ice Cream Sundaes
JAN 28 Dinner Bibimbap Bowls
FEB 2 Dinner Sweet Your Heart Out: Mini Cheesecakes
FEB 8-12 Lunch/Dinner Limited-Time Only: Breakfast Bowls
FEB 17 Dinner Coconut Shrimp
FEB 25 Dinner Chef Spotlight
MAR 1  Lunch Meatless Monday: The Impossible Burger
MAR 10 Dinner Fan Favorites
MAR 17 All Day Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
MAR 23 Lunch National Chip & Dip Day
MAR 31 Lunch Grilled Donut Sundaes
APR 6 Dinner Finger Foodie Fest
APR 14 Dinner Take a Dip
APR 19-23 Lunch/Dinner Limited-Time Only: Plant Forward Earth Week
APR 28 Lunch Potato Chip Nachos
MAY 3 Dinner Breakfast For Dinner